Re: [PATCH] Some patches for stuff

> I have thus far withstood the vicious attacks of Havoc's gnome...

    Thats good to hear.

> I think the UI needs a little cleaning up before I'm really happy with the
> patch.  I would rather see the clist with one column, and the buttons
> change depending on whether or not it can be changed.  Also, the buttons
> should be moved to the right side of the clist.

    Okay, I'll change that. I added it because I thought it might get
confusing if the remove button didn't become sensitive sometimes, and did

> In addition, it segfaults
> when trying to revert.

    I'll take a look at that, but hadn't noticed it doing it on my machine.

>  I don't want to commit it as is (this is supposed to be
> stable, after all...) but would welcome it with those bugs fixed.  I'll
> to do this later, if someone else doesn't do it.

    I'll take a look at it tonight and tomorrow if you want.


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