[PATCH] Revised mime-type patch.

> I would rather see the clist with one column, and the buttons state
> change depending on whether or not it can be changed.  Also, the buttons
> should be moved to the right side of the clist.

    Changed, see patch.

> In addition, it segfaults
> when trying to revert.  I don't want to commit it as is (this is supposed
to be
> stable, after all...) but would welcome it with those bugs fixed.

    This happens in the standard control centre before my additions are
    I've had a look at it, but not been able to work out whats doing it yet,
apart from it seems that the function context_destroy is corrupting the
memory somehow.
    If you uncomment the line
/*          g_hash_table_foreach (specific_types, print_mime_foreach, NULL);
    It happily prints all the mimetypes and then proceeds to crash when
  g_hash_table_foreach (specific_types, clean_mime_foreach, NULL); calls

    if  print_mime_foreach () is changed to
static void
print_mime_foreach (gpointer mime_info, gpointer mi, gpointer data)
        g_print ("mime_info:%s:\n", (char *)mime_info);
        g_print ("\t:%s:\n", ((MimeInfo *)mi)->mime_type);
        context_destroy ((GnomeMimeContext *) mi);
then you'll see the memory corruption (always on the 3rd time through this
for me).
Sorry if this is completely incorrect and I'm getting completely confused.



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