Nightly build of all the docs


I just wrote up a script that I'll be running nightly at 3am PST.  It just
goes out and grabs the latest glib-reference, gtk-reference, and
gnome-libs/devel-docs stuff, and build it.  The results from each night
are immediately put online at:

I noticed that the current build has some problems, specifically the one I
noticed was failed links to the gnorba docs, even though they seem to be

I copy a little more stuff over than I list on the index, you can just go
to the docs/ subdirectory of the above URL (minus the #devdocs) and see
what's there.  If I'm missing anything that really should be there, or on
the index, let me know and I'll fix it.

I'll probably also put the stdout/stderr of the whole build process
somewhere, I'll put the link on the page above when I do.


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