RE: [ANNOUNCE] Many updated RPMs 9/2/99

> BTW, are there any plans for scripting language support in GNOME? I
> really SERIOUSLY suggest it.

	The original plan was to use Scheme as the "ARexx" of Gnome.  
They are using Guile as the implementation.

	But since Corba is going to be used to export functionality, I see
no reason why Perl, Tcl, Python, whatever couldn't be used to control
applications.  In my personal experience (read: opinion), there are many
more Perl programmers than there are Scheme programmers.  I think Scheme
was originally chosen because of Script-Fu in the Gimp.

> If you don't get how useful it is, go grab an Amiga, install a load of
> apps and start writing ARexx scripts.

	Hear, hear!  Amiga was so fscking awesome.  I still have my 1000
(pre-Commodore!) in my closet.  I hope the new Amiga guys pull their heads
out.  Recent Slashdot stories suggest they aren't quite on track...

> A pretty simple example, but it's the kind of thing that makes running
> a system MUCH nicer.

	Scripting is one of Unix's core features that make it powerful.
It's hard to imagine Gnome without a scripting component.  I'd like to see
it mature to where any scripting (or even compiled) language could be used
to script Gnome applications together.  No reason to bog down in Rexx,
Scheme, or (in Microsoft's case) Basic.


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