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> If you are using gnome-libs 1.0.16 and are having problems with
icons on
> your desktop, delete ~/.gnome/metadata.db and restart your session. 

> You will lose your desktop icons, you can recreate the defaults by
> clicking on the desktop and choosing "Recreate Desktop Shortcuts".

It seems to me that this would be the sort of thing that should be
done automagically when you install the rpm.

If gmc were to expose some of it's functionality externally from the
shell (i.e. the recreate desktop icons function), a simple
post-install script in the rpm could probably handle this.

BTW, are there any plans for scripting language support in GNOME? I
really SERIOUSLY suggest it.

If you don't get how useful it is, go grab an Amiga, install a load of
apps and start writing ARexx scripts. You can control the full range
of features in almost every sizeable app.

An example might be:

 o Launch 3d rendering program
 o Load scene foo.scn
 o Render frames 128-159
 o Save each fram in /tmp/frames/foo-xxx.tif
 o Launch GIMP
 o Load each image, resize it and save it as a .png
 o Delete the .tif files

A pretty simple example, but it's the kind of thing that makes running
a system MUCH nicer.

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