Re: [ANNOUNCE] Many updated RPMs 9/2/99

> BTW, are there any plans for scripting language support in GNOME? I
> really SERIOUSLY suggest it.

Yes.   We do have plans.

The idea is that applications would export their internals trough
CORBA (Gnumeric and GnomeCal provide this now).

Scripting languages would basically be able to manipulate information
as you suggested.

Btw, there is no need to get an Amiga, Microsoft Windows these days
has very good scripting facilities (They call it Automation though).

We are following a similar approach to them.

Now, what needs to happen:

     1. Every interesting GNOME application should export a CORBA

     2. We need to make sure scripting languages have good CORBA
        support.  I think Python is among the best (according to my
        friends).  I would like to see Perl, Guile and Tcl get good
        support as well.

     3. Finish the ORBit interface repository (to dynamically discover
        existing interfaces exported on the system).

     4. We need to provide a framework for people to use a scripting
        console in their applications easily.  For example:

	void invoke_interpreter (CORBA_object this_application,
				 CORBA_object current_document)
		gnome_launch_scripting_console ("Python", 

	This would launch a development environment do write
	applications in Python (either a terminal or something more
	elaborated, depending on what we manage to hack).

	This environment would be passed a number of object references
	to your application (current_document and this_application).

So, do you want to help us make this dream true?


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