Re: gtk & threads

Tom Gilbert wrote:
> > Just a question.  Is it necessary to directly modify gtk/gdk/glib to
> > add threading support to them?  I have no experience with using
> > threads, so I don't know for sure, but can't this be done with macros
> > or small functions that wrap around the functions in the libraries?
> > The wrappers would handle thread locking and call the library function
> > to do the actual work.

> Probably doable, I'd say, but its still not a really clean way of
> handling it IMO. I don't know enough to suggest an ideal solution, but
> for now, I reckon I'd use the existing functions, and to define a couple
> of macros:
> call some gtk/gtk funtions

Hmm, to begin with : I don't understand why glib have a single global
lock ????
It is important to use mutexes in an intelligent way !

The overhead when running on single-processor platform can be avoided
if the library can be configured for single-processor usage only.

Which is really hard - it is much preferable if the synchronization
functions is fast.

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