Re: gmc [+] signs in tree view

> if it should place a [+] before the entry in the tree. It also has to
> add 150 items to the tree. I suspect that the thing slowing this down is
> the checking of the directories via nfs.

Yeah, I'm also having this problem.  I would like to use gmc in our labs
(because the file manager that comes with CDE is a joke :/), but it takes
a little too long to load because of this very problem.

I think the best solution would be to be able to configure certain directories
not to expand automatically (such as /home).  This may seem a bit weird,
because you will have /home/user opened, but /home won't be expanded.  So,
the tree might look something like:

[-] /
    |- bin
   [+] dev
   [+] etc
   [+] home
       |- tack
   [+] lib

I'd like to be able to configure which directories should not expand
automatically.  In my case, I'd only want /home not to expand.  This may be
a UI faux pas, but it would solve this slowness-over-NFS problem.


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