gmc [+] signs in tree view

gmc looks great, but unfortunately is is almost unusable on the system I
am working on.

We have all of the users' accounts on an nfs server divided up by year.
Each year there are about 150 new users.
The structure is something like.


The problem is that when gmc is started in a user's home directory, it
has to check all other users home directories for subdirectories to know
if it should place a [+] before the entry in the tree. It also has to
add 150 items to the tree. I suspect that the thing slowing this down is
the checking of the directories via nfs.

The same problem applies when using ftp and looking in big directories.

I would really like to se an option to turn this search of and just
display a [+] on all directories, and when a [+] is clicked on, the
search is done.

I'll look into it. Comments?

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