Re:Why the size of the title bar, was Re: How do I compute the sizeof the title bar?

 Havoc Pennington twisted the bytes to say:

 Havoc> On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, Daniel M. German wrote:
 >> gnome_parse_geometry is the responsible for parsing the geometry. 
 >> But it is incomplete. It does not understand that negative locations
 >> are meaningful neither that -0 <> +0.
 >> gnome_parse_geometry is easy to fix, since it is a relatively simple
 >> routine. Furthermore, it can fallback into XParseGeometry. So far, so
 >> good.

 Havoc> Why don't we just use XParseGeometry() in there, or wrap it in Gdk? 
 Havoc> (I seem to recall an answer to this question, but I don't remember what it
 Havoc> was.)

wrapping XParseGeometry will be the best solution, since it supports
all the geometry specifications and returns the gravity hint for the
windows manager.
 >> In fact, I believe that the application code should not even have to
 >> parse the geometry. That is why sooo many gnome applications ignore
 >> geometry, lets try some apps:

 Havoc> The app has to apply the geometry because sometimes it means
 Havoc> characters or something (Emacs, gnome-terminal) and only the
 Havoc> app knows which window it applies to.

You're right, there are apps that require this. But this is taken care
by the proper use of the of the width_inc and height_inc in the
XSizeHints structure, as it is properly used in gnome-terminal. A
well-written application will set the increments before the geometry
is taken care of.

 Havoc> So, I think fixing gnome_parse_geometry is probably the best
 Havoc> thing to do for now, and file bug reports on apps that don't
 Havoc> support the argument.

 Havoc> Havoc

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