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On Mon, 06 Sep 1999, Alexandre Owen Muniz wrote:
> Svanberg Liss wrote:
> > 
> > Hello everybody.
> > I would like some feedback...
> > 
> > Some time ago ( a long time ago ) I begun writing on a gnome - clipboard (
> > which I called Fairytale ). Due some problems I had ( bad internet
> > connection ) this clipboard was developed independently of gnome.
> > 
> > I have been poundering if I should release it to the public, for about 2
> > months now...
> > 
> Release Early and Often. :)
> I don't know enough about backend considerations to comment, but I
> recently committed (module: gnome-applets) a text clipbord panel applet
> with a decent (if simple) ui, and a rather rudimentary backend using
> gtk+ selection mechanisms which I had hoped to replace with something
> functional, and if someone else has done the work, I'll just use that. 
> In any case, I've given some thought to the attributes I'd like to be
> able to get from a clipping, in order to provide a ui with as much
> functionality as possible:

Forgive me if this is a little off-topic, but I had a thought:

Stuff like clipboards and such should be WM and DE independent.  For example 
if you write a super powerful clipboard for GNOME, wouldn't only GNOME
applications be able to use this functionality?  Cut & paste between KDE and
GNOME applications would not work, between Netscape and GNOME, etc.

I think maybe a team of developers as devoted to X as we are to GNOME should
get together and improve all of X (or at least XFree86, at any rate) so that
all applications, GNOME or not, can work together.  I mean, more than just
clipboards.  A standard sound interface would be nice.  And maybe even an
advanced input API.  Anything that makes X easier to use for developers AND

Any volunteers?  I'm not an X expert, or even a GNOME expert, but I'd like to
get involved.  Anything that makes all of X easier to use will make GNOME
easier to use.  And that means more people can drop Windoze are start using a
real desktop!  ;)

Sean Middleditch

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