Re: Bug status for 1.0.50

On 10 Sep 1999, Changwoo Ryu wrote:

> Elliot Lee <> writes:
> > gnome-libs (5 bugs):
> >    Grave (5 bugs)
> [..]
> >     * #1979: Canvas and some 8-bit characters
> Isn't it the same bug with #2021, `Strange error involving GTK, i18n
> and gnome-libs'?
> This is not a bug.  The reporter have not installed /usr/lib/gconv/*
> files in glibc2 environment.  (Debian potato or some lame glibc RPM
> user.)

OK, thanks.

In the future, if you want to add info to a bug report, just e-mail and your e-mail message will be added by the system.

-- Elliot
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