Re: system default

Right now the libgnome/gnome-config.h code (which looks in ~/.gnome) will 
indeed look for systemwide defaults; see the comment in
libgnome/gnome-config.c (grep for config-override). However all the config
files are undocumented, some settings are stored with usernames hardcoded, 
some settings (like MIME handling) aren't stored in gnome-config at all,
etc. So we have some pretty serious problems in this area.

The planned solution is my GConf stuff, check 'gconf' out of CVS. 
The doc/thoughts.txt is a bit out-of-date and doesn't really match what I
ended up writing, but it might give you an initial idea.

There's lots of work to be done, ensuring that GConf works and does what
we want and then ensuring that all important settings are stored in its
database. People who have large Gnome installations to maintain could
really help out with debugging GConf in that environment; I only have one


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