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	Is there any way for an administrator of a cluster that uses gnome
to set up a default configuration?  I'm talking about a default
background, a default panel with default apps, a default menu (and I mean
the whole thing, not just a submenu of it), etc.  The whole thing being
site-custimized default.  I'm talk talking about hand-cuffing users into
it, just having a default that in the lack of any user-config stuff is
used.  Sort of like how enlightenment allows the user to configure
everything that they want, but it's relatively easy and not hard-coded to
provide a complete default.
	Now, here's where the devel list comes in.  Since I doubt that
this exists (a month or so ago noone could point me to this feature), how
difficult would it be to set up?  I'm not thinking of providing defaults
in the sense of putting config stuff into the user skeleton directory, but
rather establishing a sytem default that is used but superceded by user
configuration.  This way if I change the default, everyone's config
changes that hasn't superceded the change (I don't mean for the system to
be sentient about it, just reasonable (i.e. if I removed the "Games"
submenu, if the sysadmin adds another game to it, the menu won't suddenly
pop up again).  How hard does this sound given the current gnome
infrastructure?  (Note: I would be willing to do work to get it this
way if it doesn't require an overhall of the existing infrastructure -
I'm not asking for favors here, just info.)
P.S. If the answer is "very easy since it's already this way", please
point me at the documentation for this and I will dutifully apologize. :-)

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