Re: goad status

> 1. What exactly is the difference between the gnome-name-server and the
> orbit-name-server? Is one a wrapper to the other? It looks like
> gnome-name-server spawns the orbit one and sets the x variable for the
> ior. Correct?

Not really.

orbit-name-server is a sample program that links the name server
library and enters the main loop

gnome-name-server on the other hand starts up and registers its name
service IOR in a well known location (currently the X root property)
and has some daemonification features.

> 2. why does resolve_initial_references not work on the nameserver? It
> works on other orb's. 

resolve_initial_references is a very ORB-specific thing.  You can have
multiple name services for different tasks.  So --I personally-- think
that having a single "name server" for every task is incorrect.  What
we are aiming at in GNOME is to provide some sensitive default.

I guess that if we drop the X-dependency, the name server could just
go into ORBit and we could make it part of the
resolve_initial_references call.

> 3. Why is (correct me if I am wrong) goad a library? why not a server? The
> whole use of an X variable for remote distribution of modules is moot
> because goad can only spawn off new objects locally. A simple corba
> wrapper to goad and connection to the nameserver should make it far more
> powerfull.

GOAD can activate shared-library based servers.

Best wishes,

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