Re: goad status

On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Elliot Lee wrote:

> On Sat, 11 Sep 1999 wrote:
> > Um, in what way is getting the orbit name server through
> > resolve_initial_references a gnome specific thing?
> You are proposing that CORBA_ORB_resolve_initial_references() be
> implemented using GNOME-specific stuff such as those special files, the X
> display property, $NAMESERVER, etc.

$NAMESERVER, and the file are in no way gnome spacific. They arn't even X 
spacific. And the x display property is also not gnome dependant. It is
only X dependent. Thats why it was proposed as a loadable module. We are
trying to figure out a way to make resolve_initial_references work
correctly with the nameserver so we do not have to pull gnome spacific
tricks to work arround the problem.

> -- Elliot
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