RE: Clipboard

> So how about a generic target (such as a scratch area) which can accept
> multiple data types? Is there a way for the target to specify "any" and
> the selection owner choose, or does it have to guess each datatype in

If I'm not completely wrong, I think X-clip works like this:
( Correct me if I'm wrong )
	App1-> tell clipboard that data1, data2, data3... is avaliable.

	App2<- user want's to paste
	App2-> check clipboard for interesting data
	App2-> data2 ( added by App1 ) seems to be interesting.
	App2-> ask ( App1 ) for ( data2 )
	App1-> send ( data2 ) to ( App2 )
	App2-> do something ( data2 )

> Also, is there a way to copy data from an application, close the
> and still have that data on the clipboard? Or does that depend on the 
> clipboard implementation?

Data stored in the clipboard remains in the clipboard until you put
something else in there.

If your data is a reference, then this data will be invalid when you shut
down the real thing. Otherwise it'll work just like before.

// Liss

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