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# Hello everybody.
# I would like some feedback...
# Some time ago ( a long time ago ) I begun writing on a gnome - clipboard (

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> > Does this mean the text copy-and-paste could theoretically apply to any
> > (how would it "know" the data type?), or is text copy-and-paste just one

> > example of a "clipboard app" (which could be replaced by a more
> > Gnome clipboard app)?
> It already 'know's the datatype.  e.g. xterm -u8 (on recent Xfree
> releases) can select/paste UTF-8 strings, and gnome-terminal can
> accept them if it is in UTF-8 mode, otherwise it falls back to
> STRING's - the target of a paste requests the data in a given
> datatype, and if the selection owner can provide it in that datatype,
> they do.  Otherwise the target can request a 'lesser' datatype, until
> either it finds something its happy with, or it doesn't get anything
> from the selection owner.
> There are atom's for many datatypes already, and new ones can be
> defined easily.

So, this should be done from gtk?
Not from a stand alone thingy?

Does this mean that I can throw away my project, or can it be reused as
( You still cannot use X-copy/paste in a decent way between console and X,
or whithout X. The X-clipboard still forgets everything when you make a new
selection. )

I was about to check in today, but I don't wan't to add a useless project to
Gnome. Please have a look at this idl-file and tell me if it's of any

// Liss


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