Re: gnome-socket API proposal

On Tue, 14 Sep 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Not really.  What does it mean the library is bigger?  It means:
>     1. A few more symbols are included in the library for linking
>        purposes.
>     2. It means that probably one extra page of coded is added.
> Under a typical setup, this extra page does not even play a role.
> until you touch the code on that page, the page is not even loaded
> from the hard drive.

Good point, performance won't hurt due to a larger lib. But there are
major logistical problems; larger libraries are much harder to maintain
and make releases for. Most of the stuff in gnome-libs is _not_ actively
maintained because the authors just disappeared... that's why something
like libwww is so nice, because someone is maintaining it and there is
clear responsibility... and also they can make releases independent of
gnome-libs, and they don't have to limit the power of the library to keep
the size of gnome-libs reasonable.

I would just like to see some upper bound on libgnomeui growth.

Ideally, we could handle the problem of merging a bunch of shared libs on 
the distribution or libc level. I think we should consider this a libc
bug if it's really a performance issue.


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