Re: gnome-socket API proposal

> Good point, performance won't hurt due to a larger lib. But there are
> major logistical problems; larger libraries are much harder to maintain
> and make releases for. Most of the stuff in gnome-libs is _not_ actively
> maintained because the authors just disappeared... that's why something
> like libwww is so nice, because someone is maintaining it and there is
> clear responsibility... and also they can make releases independent of
> gnome-libs, and they don't have to limit the power of the library to keep
> the size of gnome-libs reasonable.

	I agree with Havoc on this one.  He makes some strong points about

	I just don't want to revert to the Gnome 1.0-style installation
nightmare.  Keep the number of *packages* limited, regardless of how the
libraries are maintained...


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