Re: An annoyingly regular 1.0.50 pep talk

Drazen Kacar <> writes:

> Elliot Lee wrote:
> > gtop - final release
> > libgtop - final release
> Judging from the libgtop version number, it doesn't include Solaris port.
> But I didn't have the time to check CVS code in months (vacation, work, etc.)

No, it does not include the solaris port since it's from the stable branch
and I don't want to break it with merging such big changes.

However, I'll probably make a 1.1.2 release for Solaris people so they can
also use the nice toys like GTop and the applets.

Btw. how stable is the solaris code ?

> Martin, can you confirm? Because if it does include Solaris code, there
> are two bugs to fix. One is my code (very Solaris specific), the other
> is yours and that one could be present in other sysdep ports. None of
> them were logged through the bug tracking system. I'll post the details on
> libgtop list.

Ok, I'll fix them then before making the 1.1.1 release (pre-release for 1.1.2).

> As for gtop, it had problems on big endian machines. Was that fixed?

Not that I'm aware of. Can you please post details ?

Martin Baulig - -


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