Re: GTK For Game Programming?

On Fri, 17 Sep 1999, Roy Wood wrote:
> Anyway, I'm considering using GTK for the user interface, and I was just 
> wondering if anyone had any comments on whether this was a good idea or 
> not.  Anyone listening have experience doing this sort of thing?
> The other option seems to be to go with ClanLib, which doesn't sound too 
> bad from what I've read about it so far.

GTK should work great for this, in particular GnomeCanvas would be a good
way to do a map display. 

ClanLib is a different beast entirely; it's an API for doing fast custom
graphics when CPU is an issue. GTK/Gnome is mostly aimed at windows,
menus, buttons, and so forth, with special-purpose widgets to embed
graphics within an application.

You might look at the games in the gnome-games package, some of them are
pretty fun too. :-)

You could even do a GtkClanLib widget in the spirit of GtkGLArea, and use


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