Re: GTK For Game Programming?

* Roy Wood ( wrote:
> I'm undertaking the development of a simple game as a first Linux 
> programming project (newbie alert!).
> The game is sort of a realtime version of "Risk", though the differences 
> in play make that comparison a huge stretch.  About the only similarity 
> is that the game environment is a 2-D map of the world, and the goal of 
> the game is to conquer the world.  Not a particularly CPU-intensive app 
> by any stretch.
> I've previously done versions of this for Windoze, DOS, and the MacOS, so 
> I'm mostly just developing the native interface and recycling the 
> portable backend code.
> Anyway, I'm considering using GTK for the user interface, and I was just 
> wondering if anyone had any comments on whether this was a good idea or 
> not.  Anyone listening have experience doing this sort of thing?
> The other option seems to be to go with ClanLib, which doesn't sound too 
> bad from what I've read about it so far.
> Thanks...
> -Roy

I'd certainly go with gtk. For CPU intensive stuff too. Its pretty
flexible, and there are loads of really useful helper-functions.

To see how far you can go with a 2D world-map type game with gtk,
check out FreeCiv, or at least the gtk frontend to it... Nice.

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