Re: CORBA factory stuff

On 19 Sep 1999 09:56:50 -0400, Mathieu Lacage <> wrote:
> thought till just a few hours ago that implementing a factory
>with the GNOME (and most of all the goad) was straightforward.
>however, i discovered it is not.
>let me explain myself: 
>when you build a .gnorba file for a factory : two tings happen 
>if you try to activate the prgm you wanted:
>first, goad_server_activate_exe is called on the factory and then, 
>the creat_object method of the factory is called.
>however, to create the factory, the goad uses some trick (which eliot
>says is made to make things faster): it waits on stdout for the factory
>to output its ior string instead of pooling the name server to get the
>registered factory.
>This means two things: 
>1) we must fork to make the factory to display something because the 
>folowing code will not display anything (thanks to gtk_main loop)
>  fprintf (stdout, "%s\n", CORBA_ORB_object_to_string (orb, obj, &ev));
>  CORBA_exception_free (&ev);
>  gtk_main ();

You're supposed to use goad_server_register(), not output it by hand, you're missing an
fflush(), and it's going to the wrong fd.

-- Elliot
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