Re: CORBA factory stuff

> 1) we must fork to make the factory to display something because the 
> folowing code will not display anything (thanks to gtk_main loop)
>   fprintf (stdout, "%s\n", CORBA_ORB_object_to_string (orb, obj, &ev));

Mhm?  that should put on stdout the IOR just fine.  What is the
problem you are noticing?

> If i am right, please why can't we use a simple activation mechanism ?
> like polling the name server instead of using ior strings.
> this would make my life sooo easier to create hand-made factories...

Well, that would be slower and would consume more CPU time than
required.  I do not understand what problem you are observing really.

Note that you do not have to print out the IOR yourself, the Gnorba
libraries take care of it for you (on the server side).

> So, does anyone know of a simple way to do all this ?
> i want my hand made factory working wit hthe goad but i don't want all the 
> bloated stuff.

Again, I do not undersatnd what you want to do at all.  


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