Re: segfault warning box

On Mon, 20 Sep 1999, Chris Jones wrote:

> I'm working on a GTK/GNOME app at the moment and when it is about to
> quit it calls gtk_main_quit().
> At that point (or somewhere thereabouts) I get a little requester on
> the screen telling me it has segfaulted and would I like to visit the
> GNOME Crash Page (or something like that). Running the program from a
> console produces the same effect, but doesn't give any indication it
> segfaulted (ie no "segmentation fault" is reported to the console).
> 1) Any ideas what is causing this

No. If you use gdb to attach to the PID indicated in the error dialog, you
can get a stack trace that might help you track down the problem. It's
probably a bug in your program. :)

> 2) Can I turn the little warning box off?


(tcsh users can figure out the equivalent :).
-- Elliot
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