Re: Information Applet Thingy

You could even go as far as adding a function to GnomeApp that can be
used to 'dock' your application into the panel when it's not being
used. I don't know if that kind of thing already exists or not ??

You could provide a gnome_app_dock_into_panel function
that would place a small icon into the 'DockApplet'. The applet could
provide a holding place for all the applications that are docked but
still need to display information of some sort, this is where the
difference between a tasklist and the 'DockApplet' could be drawn.

Just some thoughts.

> I think that it would really make the desktop easier
> to use.  For example, the
> GAIM program (AOL Instant Messenger program) could
> put an icon on the applet,
> like it's MS-Windows counterpart, and close the main
> window for the most part,
> clearing the pager (I like a clear pager, for some
> reason).  The icons would
> need to be able to be easily and quickly changed, so
> things like modem lights
> (for programs like gnome-ppp) could be put onto it. 
> The icons could also be
> configured to tell it's owner if it's been clicked,
> so the main window can be
> reopened, or menues can pop up, etc.

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