RE: segfault warning box

On Mon, 20 Sep 1999, Chris Jones wrote:

> > No. If you use gdb to attach to the PID indicated in the error
> dialog, you
> > can get a stack trace that might help you track down the problem.
> It's
> > probably a bug in your program. :)
> I'm pretty confused by this, I ran it with gdb (I used xxgdb) to see
> where the crash occured crash. Run it outside of gdb and it
> segfaults, but after I've called gtk_main_quit(). I set it up to print
> some text immediately before it calls gtk_main_quit(). It prints the
> text, then segfaults.

This sounds like you are overwriting random heap or stack space. Time to
start looking through code and using extreme debugging measures. :)

-- Elliot
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