RE: Information Applet Thingy

I believe he is speaking more of the icons you find beside the clock in win
95. Not a full blown app, but a container of icons on the panel. An applet
that just displays icons.

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Asunto: Information Applet Thingy

> I was wondering about my first jump into developing a GNOME applet.
> that is, as far as I can tell, missing from GNOME, is a way from programs
> add little icons to the panel.  Kinda like in MS-Windows, how certain
> have the little icon on the taskbar that gives you information on certain
> or what not (like if you're connected to the net, and if information is
> through, etc.).
> I realize this would probably take a lot of work, like come CORBA stuff or
> whatnot, certainly not something for a first trya t applet programming.
So I
> though maybe I could ask if someone else could make it or help me make it.
> I think that it would really make the desktop easier to use.  For example,
> GAIM program (AOL Instant Messenger program) could put an icon on the
> like it's MS-Windows counterpart, and close the main window for the most
> clearing the pager (I like a clear pager, for some reason).  The icons
> need to be able to be easily and quickly changed, so things like modem
> (for programs like gnome-ppp) could be put onto it.  The icons could also
> configured to tell it's owner if it's been clicked, so the main window can
> reopened, or menues can pop up, etc.
> What do you think?
> Sean Middleditch
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