Information Applet Thingy

I was wondering about my first jump into developing a GNOME applet.  Something
that is, as far as I can tell, missing from GNOME, is a way from programs to
add little icons to the panel.  Kinda like in MS-Windows, how certain progams
have the little icon on the taskbar that gives you information on certain tasks
or what not (like if you're connected to the net, and if information is going
through, etc.).

I realize this would probably take a lot of work, like come CORBA stuff or
whatnot, certainly not something for a first trya t applet programming.  So I
though maybe I could ask if someone else could make it or help me make it.

I think that it would really make the desktop easier to use.  For example, the
GAIM program (AOL Instant Messenger program) could put an icon on the applet,
like it's MS-Windows counterpart, and close the main window for the most part,
clearing the pager (I like a clear pager, for some reason).  The icons would
need to be able to be easily and quickly changed, so things like modem lights
(for programs like gnome-ppp) could be put onto it.  The icons could also be
configured to tell it's owner if it's been clicked, so the main window can be
reopened, or menues can pop up, etc.

What do you think?

Sean Middleditch

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