Re: Application window size.

* Daniel M. German ( wrote:
>  Tom Gilbert twisted the bytes to say:
>  Tom> * George Farris ( wrote:
>  >> You know one thing I find super annoying is having to resize an 
>  >> application **every** bloody time I open it.  Is there no way of 
>  >> doing this in Gnome or Gtk.  For example I open my home directory 
>  >> in GMC and am presented with a small window.  I resize the window 
>  >> the quite the application.  Next time I open it, @#$%^&* same small 
>  >> window.  Only way to fix this is in the source code.
>  >> 
>  >> This is a problem for almost every Gnome application.  I'm looking 
>  >> at writing another small utility and I'd really like to have it 
>  >> save the size.  Is there a Gnome standard on this or is it up to us 
>  >> coders to implement or not implement as we see fit?
>  >> 
>  >> -- 
>  >> George Farris - VE7FRG
>  >>
>  Tom> I think application size is up to the windowmanager. Your wm should
>  Tom> have tools to help you save the status of applications. Enlightenment
>  Tom> certainly does.
> The application size should be left to the application. This relates
> back to my rantings about parsing the geometry command line
> option. Few applications do it. The ones that do not should be
> considered incomplete, IMHO.
>  Tom> Apps may set themselves a minimum or a recommended size, but they
>  Tom> should not interfere with the job of the wm by specifying the size
>  Tom> themselves. Applications (such as netscape) who save and load their
>  Tom> own geometry aren't doing users any favours. IMO.
> If the applications allowed --geometry then the user has full control
> of how large and where the window should appear.
> check the behaviour of gnome-terminal as compared to gnumeric

Whats wrong with
o Open app
o Set desired size/location
o Click Remember/Size+location

App always opens as I specified. This is how it should work. If an app
set its own size/location, what happens when you open multiple copies
of it? What if you don't want to always specify --geometry?

Also, what's wrong with
o Open app
o Set desired size/location
o End session
o Restart session - app is restored to the size it was when you left

If the application has code which sets its own size/location, then the
session manager is _powerless_ to restore its settings.

I stand by my previous point.

I suggest you
a) Use the power of session management
b) Use a decent wm.

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