Re: Application window size.

Tom Gilbert twisted the bytes to say:

 Tom> Whats wrong with
 Tom> o Open app
 Tom> o Set desired size/location
 Tom> o Click Remember/Size+location

1. It is window manager dependent. WindowMaker does not support it

2. What happens when you want two windows for the same application?
   Both in different locations depending on whatever reasons you might

 Tom> App always opens as I specified. This is how it should work. If an app
 Tom> set its own size/location, what happens when you open multiple copies
 Tom> of it? What if you don't want to always specify --geometry?

Then it falls back to the windows manager as you specified before :)

 Tom> Also, what's wrong with
 Tom> o Open app
 Tom> o Set desired size/location
 Tom> o End session
 Tom> o Restart session - app is restored to the size it was when you left
 Tom> it.

Then you depend on the session manager. Sometimes you want to run an
application for just a brief period of time, not to keep it running
the whole time.

I am not against the WM features that allow this behaviour or against
the session manager. But I believe that the geometry is a very good
feature that seems to be forgotten in many gnome apps.

 Tom> If the application has code which sets its own size/location, then the
 Tom> session manager is _powerless_ to restore its settings.

 Tom> I stand by my previous point.

Daniel M. German


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