Re: Application window size.

Shouldn't this discussion be on gnome-list or gnome-gui-list?  (I have
cc'ed to gnome-gui... all replies should probably go there.)

On Mon, 20 Sep 1999, Tom Gilbert wrote:

> * Miguel de Icaza ( wrote:
> > 
> > > I am not against the WM features that allow this behaviour or against
> > > the session manager. But I believe that the geometry is a very good
> > > feature that seems to be forgotten in many gnome apps.
> > 
> > Agreed.  I am paying attention to the discussion, lets try to figure
> > this out.   How can we make this easy and simple?
> > 
> > Miguel.
> Ok. How about:
> The app can specify a geometry request, which can be set by the user
> using --geometry, the session-manager can use this parameter to
> restore a previous location/size, but the wm has the final say.
> Tom.

If I remember the ICCCM correctly, window managers are supposed to do
everything possible to place an app in a user-specified position if one is
available (this position is specified through -geom).  Requiring all gnome
apps to use -geomotry (where it makes sense) would be the first step in
implementing this.  The problem with -geom occurs when an app has more
than one window...  A better solution would probably be to allow the
session manager to poll each window for its position before closing the 
owning app... It can then make a request to the -window manager- (not the
app) to move/resize its windows after it starts the next time... This is a
bit more difficult to do, but it can be made to work with apps that have
more than one window.

I do agree that all apps for which -geometry makes sense should
accept and handle it properly, though.  

-- Richard Thrapp

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