Re: Information Applet Thingy

> That isn't quite what I was saying.
> OK, everyone, look at KDE.  See how on the main bar, in the lower-right hand
> corner, by the date and time, there's a little box?  Open the CD player, or an
> internet connection through KPPP.  A little icon appears in that box, doing
> nothing more than giving the user a little bit of information.  That's what I
> am talking about.  I don't want to forbid applet movement, because applets are
> NOT what I'm talking about here.  Just a simple for way for ANY program to
> easily place a bit information in a user-controlled manner on the panel,
> without needing it's own big window that takes up memory and pager-space.

Ugh, sounds like Windows.  If you want windows, why not use it?

Next you'll be wanting fading menu's ...

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