Re: Runtime error while developing gnome applet.

On 23-Sep-99 Havoc Pennington wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Sep 1999 wrote:
>> I am trying to develop a panel applet and I have run into a problem that I
>> can't find the cause of.  I get a segmentation violation at a constant point
>> in my program from malloc though g_malloc.  The backtrace from gdb is:
> This just means you are screwing up memory in some way, perhaps by freeing
> something twice or writing past the end of the array, which confuses the
> memory management so at some later time malloc() fails to work properly.
> It can be helpful to set the MALLOC_CHECK_ environment variable to 2 on 
> glibc systems, read the man page for malloc() on Linux.
> The efence package is also useful for trying to resolve these problems.
Thanks alot.

I turns out I was writing past the end of an array.


                                -Govind Salinas

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