compiling gnome from cvs

just thought id share some of the issues ive had with compiling
the current cvs version of gnome. I didnt keep a close track im afraid, so
this mail is probably completely useless, but anyway...

1) ORBit, 
a) very odd problem with the popt lib. the .so and .a generated by libtool 
did not export such functions as poptGetNextOpt and so on, the test program in 
the dir failed as well. Manually creating an .a file myself worked fine. Some 
odd libtool interaction perhaps ? i have the reccomended 1.2 ver. 

b) one of the Makefiles had a -release and a -version-info call to libtool which
was reported as notallowed, another was missing -rpath

c) libIDL wanted to include both wchar and someother similar header, which had
different intepretations of the size of a w_char, this is possibly my own fault
having archaic libc5 header files.

2) gnome-lib 
a) the po and intl subdirs have blank Makefiles, and thus make and make instal 
barf on these dirs, i stuck in some dummy options to get past this.

b) segfault on ../libgnome/gnome-gen-mimedb /usr/local/etc/mime-magic

make -k got me past this, one hopes it isnt essential :-)

3) being told that gdome and gdk-pixbuf were essential for every app i tried to 
put together, and having to guess as to their existance as standalone cvs trees
wasnt a show stopper, but was a little bothersome for a sec or two.

4) gnome-print
a) blank makefile in intl

But outside of that things were smoothly enough, i didnt have too large a 
dependancy tree to get up to my target aim of getting gill and gnumeric to
compile and work. And the canvas looks real nice in gill, sweet indeed, so
im a very happy camper.


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