Re: compiling gnome from cvs

On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, Caolan McNamara wrote:

> just thought id share some of the issues ive had with compiling
> the current cvs version of gnome. I didnt keep a close track im afraid, so
> this mail is probably completely useless, but anyway...
> 1) ORBit, 
> a) very odd problem with the popt lib. the .so and .a generated by libtool 
> did not export such functions as poptGetNextOpt and so on, the test program in 
> the dir failed as well. Manually creating an .a file myself worked fine. Some 
> odd libtool interaction perhaps ? i have the reccomended 1.2 ver. 

Might want to try getting libtool 1.3.3, just in case.

> b) one of the Makefiles had a -release and a -version-info call to libtool which
> was reported as notallowed, another was missing -rpath
> c) libIDL wanted to include both wchar and someother similar header, which had
> different intepretations of the size of a w_char, this is possibly my own fault
> having archaic libc5 header files.

You really should upgrade to glibc... :)

> 2) gnome-lib 
> a) the po and intl subdirs have blank Makefiles, and thus make and make instal 
> barf on these dirs, i stuck in some dummy options to get past this.
> b) segfault on ../libgnome/gnome-gen-mimedb /usr/local/etc/mime-magic
> make -k got me past this, one hopes it isnt essential :-)

It's used by the file manager, etc.

The cause here again is an archaic system. In this case, your libdb holds
a broken 'sprintf' implementation which is trashing memory.

-- Elliot
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