Re: drawing upon a widget

Svanberg Liss <> writes:

> > I was wondering if it was possible
> > to draw someting upon another widget.
> > I want to draw something with gdk_draw... upon
> > a gtk_button for example.
> a gtk_button is a gtk_container.
> You may add whatever widgets you like on top of your button
> ( perhaps a dialog :)

I am sorry, i don't understand
i have a container which has a button in it.
i can put instead in the container another container which 
contains the button itself but how could i draw into the container ?

Perhaps you mean that if i put something into the button with
gtk_container_add, this will be displayed on top of the widget ? 
I doubt it. The widget added inside the button would need to
be a windowless widget which draw things on its parent window
(like the label widget) but i doubt there is such a widget...

> > I WANT to do it. Even if it requires a non-portable 
> > awfull hack (like reading some hidden widget strutures 
> > or the like...)
> Why not add a gtk_drawable?

again, what do you mean, could you be more precise ?

> ( I wonder if you can add a Gnome_canvas to a gtk_button? Hmm, perhaps it
> works. Weird... :)
> // Liss

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