RE: drawing upon a widget

> Perhaps you mean that if i put something into the button with
> gtk_container_add, this will be displayed on top of the widget ? 
> I doubt it. The widget added inside the button would need to
> be a windowless widget which draw things on its parent window
> (like the label widget) but i doubt there is such a widget...

( yes I mean that )

>From the gtk documents.

GtkWidget, public flags:
	GTK_NO_WINDOW - flag to indicate a widget which draw things on it's
parent's window.

So they do exist....

< delay >

Sorry for the daly.
I have, right beside me, a laptop that runs a gtk program. This gtk program
is taken from the gtk examples, but slightly modifyed.

It presents a large button, with a pixmap, a label widget, and a scrolled
window with a gtk_list in it.

It's not useful, but it really proves that you *can* add any widget you like
to the button as a container.

gtk_container_add( GTK_CONTAINER( button ), any_widget );

But if you wan't many widgets inside the button, I think you need to store a
box inside the button first, and then add your widgets to the box.
( gtk_hbox / gtk_vbox )

The gtk_drawable is a widget that (I think) serves as a baseclass for
user-derieved classes that - draws user-defined things.
( Correct me if this was wrong... )

// Liss

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