Re: drawing upon a widget

Svanberg Liss <> writes:

> It presents a large button, with a pixmap, a label widget, and a scrolled
> window with a gtk_list in it.
> It's not useful, but it really proves that you *can* add any widget you like
> to the button as a container.
> gtk_container_add( GTK_CONTAINER( button ), any_widget );
> But if you wan't many widgets inside the button, I think you need to store a
> box inside the button first, and then add your widgets to the box.
> ( gtk_hbox / gtk_vbox )

well, if i understood well, i take a GtkSocket (this is what i am using...)
I add in it a gtkdrawable slightly modified to draw upon its parent window
I use the gtkdrawable to draw things with gtk_draw_*
mm... If you say this could work it probably mean that the drawing is
done on children first then on containers ... am i right ?

> The gtk_drawable is a widget that (I think) serves as a baseclass for
> user-derieved classes that - draws user-defined things.
> ( Correct me if this was wrong... )
> // Liss


Mathieu Lacage 
Snailmail: ch 224, 212 Rue de Tolbiac 75013 Paris

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