CORBA questions

I am in the process of writing a web based environment based on corba. I
am using c and orbit for the corba objects, gnome libs for goad and the
gnome-factories, and any language that has an orb for the actual page.
Currently I am planning to focus on python for the page. My question is,
for each page rendering, it will take at least 4 corba calls. Am I
shooting myself in the foot? Will a page thats hit alot be too slow? Is
there any inter orb shared memory specification that can be implamented
within orbit to speed it up?

Also, as to gnome factories, If I create all the corba objects within the
same prossess, if one object blocks, wil all objects block? Is there a way
to make each object exist in its own thread or will I have to fork/exec
off a seperate process for each object?

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