Linux GNOME exploit

I received the following report of an exploitable buffer overflow in
one of the Gnome libraries in this morning's Bugtraq feed.  I thought
that I'd pass it along, as this should clearly get resolved before the
upcoming stable Gnome release.

-- John Kodis.

----- Forwarded message from Brock Tellier <btellier@WEBLEY.COM> -----


    Virtually any program using the GNOME libraries is vulnerable to a
buffer overflow attack.  The attack comes in the form:

/path/to/gnome/prog --enable-sound --espeaker=$80bytebuffer

The following exploit should work against any GNOME program, though I
tried it on (the irony) /usr/games/nethack, which is SGID root by default
on RH6.0.  An attack on any program will look something like this:

[ Exploit code snipped in the interest of brevity.  It's in the
  Bugtraq archive if you're really curious. ]

----- End forwarded message -----

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