Re: GNOME libraries 2.xx road map

> I have a question - Has anyone looked into imlib2 as a possibility? It's 
> supposedly a close from scratch re-write (if not a complete re-write). 
> I'm just curious as to why is not in use and gdk-artpixbuf was used 

Art-PixBuf is basically a thin wrapper around existing code in
libart_lgpl and in Gtk+, so we will be reducing memory usage.

Now, imlib2, last time I heard of it, is still doing the same things
we are trying to avoid (rendering to server pixmaps), and I do not
want to depend on that sort of code that even when design bugs are
found we can not fix.

Also, imlib2, last time I heard had a major design flaw: a single
server shared by all applications for doing their rendering.


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