Re: GNOME libraries 2.xx road map

Havoc said:

> Merging gnome-print into gnome-libs makes sense. However we need to keep
> in mind that this will commit us to supporting the GnomeFont API; can we
> finalize that API in the next couple months? How far along is it?

It is pretty usable for the momment.

I want to give it a pass or two of cleanup (name space fixes, some
consistency issues here and there, and a small class reorganization
for the print context and the print output).  But that must be it.

Now, Raph and Owen have larger plans for handling correctly
high-quality typography in their Pango project, so we need to see how
that evolves.

> An important point here is that the standalone version of these components 
> should probably go away once gnome-libs 2.0 is released.

Good point, I am integrating these comment.

On the gnome-config issue, what is your suggestion?

gnome-config --compat, or gnome-config --version 1?

> It makes sense to put gnome-print, gnome-vfs, and gdk-pixbuf in
> libgnome/libgnomeui, I think. 

The reason I want to avoid this is because it would be very hard to
maintain those as external packages. 

> libglade and Bonobo are more questionable since circular
> dependencies are easy to avoid and small simple apps (such as panel
> applets) may not use them.

Good point. 


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