Re: initial milestones draft

Michael Fullbright said:

> GNOME is a 2 year old desktop and despite RHAD Labs supporting Federico's
> hard work on gmc we still have a substandard file manager.
> This is because its just too big of a job for one person to do alone, and I am 
> concerned that there is not code available (yet!) for gmc's replacement. 

The code for the new file manager is available, but not on the GNOME
CVS -yet- it is still in a lot of flux.  Ettore can give a better
status report on this. 

Parts of the new file manager are already on CVS in the form of
gnome-vfs and in the form of bonobo (which was modified expressely to
handle various issues Ettore needed handled).

> This is a problem we've known about for a long time and must resolve quickly
> and efficiently. 

It is being addressed happilly and Federico and Ettore are discussing
the issues involved in the next generation icon-list which they are
both working on .

The window manager and the HTML engine/help browser are the other two
outstanding issues in GNOME that worry me.

[More on my next post, this is getting good]


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