Re: Problem building mc on SuSE 6.2

   Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 19:59:18 +0200 (CEST)
   From: Norbert Warmuth <>

   [stropts.h not found on SuSE 6.2/glibc 2.1]
   On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
   > No, actually the fix would be to autoconf for stropts.h and if so, use
   > the I_PUSH variant.
   > Can you submit a fix?

   HAVE_STROPTS wouldn't be wrong but I think Robert has a problem with his
   installation. Both glib 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 include stropts.h. 

I'm running SuSE 6.2 with gcc  I don't have time to check
right now, but when I get a chance I'll see if I can find it

Robert Krawitz <>

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