Re: Roadmap for GNOME 2.0


I think there should be some other "support" goals in GNOME. For example, 
this are currently two ongoing projects:

1.) Gnome Beautification (icons and pixmaps)
2.) Translation Project

I know - they don't have their own packages and are integreated with 
other packages and no independent release is possible but, they are 
IMPORTANT projects. There needs to be some goals set up for these 
projects in my opinion.
The Gnome Beautification thing currently has pretty well defined goals 
thanks to Matthew Warkius (sp?). Right now it's in the 'get an icon for 
each menu item' stage. 
I don't know much about the translation status, but some goals could be: 
get all languages up to speed as English is (the dominant language). 
Another project I'm pretty interested in (and hope gets a larger priority 
than it currently has) is bidi support. I think Japenese and Chinese 
support work but am not sure. But I think another important goal is to 
try to get non-Latin character sets supported.

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