Roadmap for GNOME 2.0

Hello, bouncing hackers,

I took the liberty of taking both Miguel's and Havoc's documents and
merging them into a single piece.  I want to have a comprehensive
roadmap for GNOME 2.0 with

	- Goals
	- Dependencies
	- Time scale

I have put this document here:

Please read it.  I have used Havoc's division of GNOME 2.0 in

	- Development Toolkit
	- Desktop Environment
	- GNOME Workshop
	- GNOME Application Suite

I need feedback on the following:

	- Are there any missing goals?  Some have FIXMEs in them;
          please tell me what needs to be done for each of these.

	- We may want to have some goals with finer granularity
          (i.e. for the ORBit-related stuff, glade/libglade, and
          language bindings).  Please tell me about your suggestions.

	- I will build a nice dependency chart for the goals.

	- I have proposed a reasonable timescale (Matt and I think it
          is reasonable, so it may not be unreasonable after all) :-)
	  Please tell me if you think this is fine or if it should be

	- Right now the document only contemplates the development
          toolkit and desktop environment; I need "Goals" sections for
          the workshop and application suite.  Please give me your
          suggestions.  I have intentionally not paid much attention
          to these, since the first two are more important.

I think each release should be coordinated by a different person.
That is, we would have four people taking care each of the development
toolkit, the desktop environment, the GNOME Workshop, and the
application suite.  This way we can work in parallel without too much
burden on the coordinators.

If nobody minds I can take care of coordinating work for the
development environment release.  I do not know as much as I would
like about the desktop environment to dictate what needs to be done,
so someone else should take that.

Once the time scales or schedules are complete, I suggest we stick
very closely to them.  Organization is good, and it will allow us to
put together a superb release on time.



ObFoodForThought:  we need a project management tool that integrates
with the calendar application :-)

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