Re: PATCH against CVS gnome-terminal - option to disable overstriking

I still need convincing this is actually a useful feature ...

I mean do people want underline turned off too?  It seems an
odd thing to want to do.

Maybe you should set your application not to bold, or use
a termcap/terminfo which disables it (which seems a more appropriate
way to do it).

> I enclose a patch against the CVS version of gnome-terminal. It adds a
> preference option to enable/disable font-overstriking.
> Normally this is enabled if it is available in libZvt, this option
> allows it to be disabled. I know several people (including myself) who
> do not like to have bold fonts, especially when term'ing in color...
> Feel free to ignore it if it doesn't 'fit in', I'll just keep patching 
> my local copy ;-)
> I hope I haven't overlooked anything...

Well it looks fine, apart from the obvious 'why' :)

But it might still go in at some point (although the option ui will
need modification so it isn't so cluttered).


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