Re: App launch feedback (was: Re: visibility?)

Peter Åstrand wrote:
> 2) XALF does not use the mouse cursor as an "indicator". Instead, it
> creates a invisible window to be shown in a standard task pager like
> Gnomes tasklist_applet or the KDE Taskbar.
> Xalf can be downloaded from

I'm currently just a dumb user (haven't found the time to learn
GNOME/GTK+ programming yet), but I think this is one of the coolest
ideas I've seen in a long time. I was just planning on sending an email
to the list today suggesting something of this sort for things like the
screensaver capplet in the Control Center, which take a long time to
load (5-10 sec on my PIII-450 w/ 128MB RAM). People have repeatedly
bashed the M$ way of just changing the cursor, but I have never seen a
decent replacement for it until now (other than the cheesy cartoon
graphic for click :). As a GNOME user, I really hope someone chooses to
implement something such as this.


Steve Fox

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